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Dear Art Enthusiasts and Island Lovers,


I am pleased to invite you to join my exclusive monthly newsletter: 

"The Artist's Path - Letters from Mallorca"!!! 


Let me introduce myself. My name is Magdalena Hill, I am a multidisciplinary artist who creates projects inspired by the surrounding world.

After much traveling and emigration abroad, 2 years ago I settled with my family in the beautiful oasis of Mallorca - an island full of culture, breathtaking landscapes and inspiring stories. 


My intention is to take you with me every month on a journey where you will immerse yourself in Mallorca's artistic heartbeat while discovering the island's beauty and rich history. Learn the untold stories of the extraordinary women artists who live here and beyond, all elegantly woven into the fabric of Mallorca's culture.


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What you can find inside: 

  • Island Chronicles : Discover Mallorca's hidden treasures through my eyes. From quaint villages to majestic beaches, experience the island's beauty like never before.


  • Artist's Path & My Work updates : Embark on a creative journey, sharing my experiences, battles and triumphs. Learn about the creative process and inspiration behind each piece.


  • Women in the spotlight : Female artists living on the island and their stories.  Meet the brave and talented artists, writers, entrepreneurs and activists who found inspiration in Mallorca. Their stories will inspire and empower you.


Join us in celebrating the beauty of Mallorca, the power of art and the essence of femininity. Subscribe now and let the journey begin!

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